The Master Reconditioner of Used Pianos

Buy A Reconditioned Piano At A Fraction of The Cost of A New One

Based on the long traditional piano technology and the modern concept of piano refinement is result of technological development and enhancement a combination that ensures a transformation in appearance and outlook with the resultant new life to the performance of the instrument.

The used pianos go through stringent examination in the workshop, after which they are refurbished, restored and re-sprayed. As research and development play a very important part in our organization, we regularly shop for new ideas and exchange views with those in the trade during our frequent visits to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesian, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, London and Germany.

Source: Used pianos are mainly imported from Asian countries and also from Europe.
Services: Rebuild, repairs, re-spray pianos , movers (local and abroad), tuning, etc. , new, used and reconditional pianos.